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New Video

Thanks to WBEZ for promoting and Steve Rashid for recording this week’s show at the Whiskey Lounge!

You can watch the entire two sets at:

January Two Genres Two Shows

Thurs. Jan. 15 Grant Ziolkowski Brazilian Trio

Live at the Whiskey Lounge @ 27Live, Evanston. $10

7:30pm. Live Video Stream presented by Steve Rashid!

Thurs. Jan. 8 Grant Ziolkowski Bluegrass Quartet

The Hideout, Chicago. $8

9:00pm. 3 BANDS: Big Sadie and the Wandering Boys

December Chicago Performances

Wed. Dec. 10 Grant Ziolkowski Brazilian Trio
Martyrs’ 8:00pm. We go on at 10pm! Details

Sun. Dec. 14 Wandering Boys (accompanying them on bass)
Schubas Acoustic Brunch 12:00pm

Mon. Dec. 29 Andrew Sa (accompanying him in on tenor guitar)
The Hideout 8:00pm

November Milwaukee Choro Concert

Fresh off performances and workshops with guitar master Rogerio Souza, Grant brings his trio of Chicago’s finest choro musicians for an evening of syncopated Brazilian mandolin and samba rhythms. With Heitor Garcia on pandeiro percussion and John Beard on 7-string guitar, the trio will bring this Ragtime-esque instrumental style to life. The repertoire will include the classics of Jacob do Bandolim and Ernesto Nazareth, along with forays into the jazz stylings of the new choro genre.

November 15 7:30 PM $25


Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, 1584 N Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202


September Update

Listen and Purchase Rodeway EP

The Martyrs’ release show was a promising first performance of the Rodeway tunes and I hope to continue to play and sing with the band in Chicago soon. After a brief respite in the bluegrass 24-hour  playland of Rockygrass, the rest of this month has been spent on the sands of the Brazilian choro.

I had the great privilege of playing a handful of shows the last week of August with Rogerio Souza and Edinho Gerber from Rio de Janeiro. Rogerio has been at the forefront of the choro resurgence in Brazil since the 1980s. Together with his brother Ronaldo, both of whom I met in 2013, he is considered one of the main torch bearers of the genre. After days of painstaking rehearsal (on my part), the performances in Chicago and Wisconsin began to pay off. Though rather small when compared to a life’s worth of music-making, my two years dedicated to the choro genre came into scope here, illuminating many of the strives I’ve made as a musician and showing how much work there still is to do.

Check out the videos of our performance on the Good Hope Island in the Milwaukee River, and stay tuned for more choro from Chicago in the next few months! While John Beard and I will play background tunes October 2 at the fine sushi restaurant, Wakamono on Broadway, some dedicated arrangement and recording effort is in the works!

Noites Cariocas Video

Lapinha Video 

Rodeway EP Now Available!

Listen and Purchase

Grant Ziolkowski Martyrs July 19

March Update

We saw the ground this week in Chicago for the first time since November. Time for a long-overdue post. The monthly choro jams have been picking up steam, now at our new home, Melao Restaurant. The next date will be Sunday, April 27 at 5:00PM. Check out Roda de Choro em Chicago on Facebook. Last month was particularly lively, with the addition of Brazilian mandolin/guitar titan, Renato Anesi, who is now living in Chicago. The virtuosity of authentic Brazilian choro musicians sets a high standard for the budding scene here and exciting things are to come!

On St. Patrick’s Day, I had to privilege to enter the studio and record five original instrumental tunes. This project is a chance for me to play with some of my favorite acoustic musicians in Chicago, while documenting some of the musical ideas I’ve long had on the back burner. We’re in the process of editing and mixing the project, but I could not have asked for a better engineer in Victor Sanders, or better playing from musicians Emma Dayhuff, Starr Moss, Patrik Ahlberg, Ben Sanders and Greg Cahill! One tune was a reworking of the first tune I ever wrote on mandolin (on a stump in the dark); another was a Nordic fiddle tune; some bluegrass in B; a slow waltz somewhere between despairing and cathartic; and a meandering tune in D that takes you Upslide and Down.

Stay tuned for more info on these projects as they exit the drawing room!